Take My Hand

Take my Hand

directed by Sophie Pouderoux and Matthieu Bégel


Take my hand is a film about a couple of actor, he is French, she is Israeli. Their life is not the same here in France and there in Tel Aviv. The roles are reversed, upset. Matthieu Bégel and Sophie Pouderoux are two independent filmmakers / photographers. They write their stories together and create a very personal universe in this film. They tried to go closer to the feelings by subtly mixing reality and fiction. Julien Colombet and Tamar Ségal are both actors in life. They participated in this project without restraint and we deliver a version of their private life and acting in improvisation. They juggle between their real love and the grip of their acting career. Take my hand is a story between two characters: a young couple, the thirties, in their lives they are actors and lovers of each other, in the film they are also actors and lovers … Between France and Israel , two cultures, two countries, between a woman and a man, between an actor and an actress, a woman director and a man director …

We seek to be closer to our actors in an intimacy, translate the truth of emotions with a camera. « I believe in improvisation based on written work, not in undisciplined creativity. When we have an important scene, we want it written; but there are still times when we just want things to happen « John Cassavetes  A particular attention to unspoken, to the mysteries, without using dialogues scenes too important but privileging moments of interrogations, doubts, by the use of contemplative plans and an episodic sturcture. « Poets communicate almost only between them. Like Indians sending themselves smoke signals. They cultivate a mysterious bond. I am for these secret societies ». Jim Jarmush

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