Roll Down – BTS

Behind the scenes from Roll Down, shot in Hamburg.

The scene takes place on a rooftop in Hamburg, city linked to the last G20, they seek to change the world … Discussion around a plan? business? traffic? … we do not really know what it is. We discover 2 types who become aware of the decline of their planet and the death of bees! Meanwhile another guy shows up, nobody pays attention to him, he goes to the edge of the roof to end these days … Roll Down is the first of a series of films: in the form of a stage, 2 or 3 characters max, a story that does not really make sense, absurd and offbeat. Talk about the absurdity of our society: between a society in depression and the desire to change the world. People are unhappy and the bees are dying. « Save humanity » but forget the helplessness of one man …

To watch the movie, just go here -> Roll Down

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